Fernie Bike Park

Fernie Bike Park (at Fernie Alpine Resort) is one of the cornerstone riding options in the stunning mountain bike mecca that is Fernie, British Columbia. This small Canadian town has a history and reputation for some of the best mountain biking around the region. Pick you poison in Fernie: there are more bike trails than you can shake a stick at. Topography helps: Fernie is smack dab in the middle of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. In town, in every direction that you look, all you see are strikingly steep, snow-capped peaks. Below the snow line, deep loamy forests create absolutely magical mountain bike terrain. Fernie receives consistent precipitation all year, which helps create hero dirt and loam just about everywhere you can sink your tires into. Fernie Bike Park offers some of the best lift accessed bike terrain in Canada. Read on for a few reasons to go ride and explore.

Kodiak Karnage & Cats Pyjamas- looking for steeps? Yea, me too. These are two of the steepest options I found on the hill. Imagine yourself dropping into steep, soft, quiet dirt mixed with loam, roots, and a few rocks here and there. And it keeps going. Just when you think you might be done, the next steep corner comes around and another fresh chute descent starts calling your name.

Rubber Ducky- this is one of the signature jump trails at Fernie, and it does not disappoint. Riders are treated to head-high sculpted berms, step downs, step ups, hips, rollers, drops, and more. Pro tip: ride it a few times to fully dial in the speed and start playing around with side hits, trail gaps, and more fun.

Bin Logdin- Bin Logdin has an odd name, and is indeed a unique trail. I loved it. This machine-built jump trail starts with a few ripping corners, and then flows into some creative back-to-back wallrides. The trail then meanders through a dense, dark forest scattered with jumps and rollers, before popping out onto a ski run and culminating with a banger wallride/hip feature on the edge of the woods.

Sadly, we weren’t able to ride every trail at Fernie Bike Park. They all look amazing, and there are trails higher up on the mountain as well.  These trails are a bit further up the mountain and require some pedaling above the current lift-served area, under the Timber Chair. We can’t wait to check these out in the future.

Fernie Alpine Resort offers plenty of lodging, dining, and other non-MTB activities onsite. We were treated to a delicious lunch at Legends Mountain Eatery in between bike park laps. We highly recommend going there to satiate your appetite and fuel/hydrate your downhill shred day. Overall, Fernie Bike Park is an amazing place to ride, and should be put on the short list for anyone craving a premier bike park adventure. For more information, check out www.skifernie.com.

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