Kicking Horse Bike Park

Kicking Horse Bike Park boasts a serious amount of vert: over 3,700 feet, to be more precise. This lift-accessed park, located at Kicking Horse Resort, is in the sleepy town of Golden, BC. Golden is slightly off the beaten path and offers incredible skiing, world-renowned mountain biking, and heaps of other outdoor recreation. Golden seems more like a working town than a ski town, which is a nice change of pace. Folks are very real in town, and incredibly friendly. If you are looking for long downhill descents, be sure to put Kicking Horse on your list. Here are a few specific reasons why this place is so special.

Rock n Roll- This is one of the signature trails at the park, and one of the first lines you see as you ride up in the gondola. Picture a giant rock face that you ride down. Halfway down this face is a natural waterfall in the rock. Brake control is the name of the game here. Stay on those brakes the entire time, and you’ll be just fine. Do not let off, and don’t even dream of riding this with wet tires. Scope before you leap on this one.

Lym- This trail is just one giant, continuous bridge that rolls, loops, and snakes around on itself as it descends through the forest. I have always seen photos and videos of these monstrosities hidden deep in the BC woods: here it is, in real life, open, in a public bike park. Drop in and simply follow the brown brick road. Riding lym is similar to riding a roller coaster on a bike.

Rangoon- Rangoon is a blue flow trail, running for about a quarter of the park’s vertical descent. That’s roughly 1,000 vertical feet (or so). Dive into tight bermed corners, alternate lines, gaps, rollers, rock hits, and more. This trail can be rolled slowly, turned into a full-on racetrack, or interpreted however the rider chooses.

Cedar Lake- After riding all day, cool off and chill out at Cedar Lake. This small body of water lies just off of the Kicking Horse access road, on the last major switchback just below the resort itself. There is a pristine sandy beach, camping, and a dock. Take a load off, crack a cold one, and stare up at the massive trees and mountains all around you.

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