Sun Peaks Bike Park

Sun Peaks Bike Park has been spinning their lifts for downhill mountain biking since 1999. This resort has deep roots in lift-accessed downhill mountain biking heritage and has been perfecting its craft for over twenty years. Growing up, I always saw videos from Sun Peaks, and knew I had to check it out whenever I could make the trip a reality. We finally made the pilgrimage to Sun Peaks this past July, and we enjoyed every minute of our visit. Here are a few reasons why any rider should put this gravity mecca on their list:

Sundance Express: Sun Peaks just opened this lift for mountain biking a few weeks ago. This is a massive leap forward for their bike park, as it nearly doubles their already expansive riding terrain area. A new lift= bountiful opportunity to build amazing new trails. Sun Peaks has debuted this lift with a multitude of incredibly fresh and flowy trails. Stella Blue and Super Nugget are stuffed to the brim with crisp jumps, chiseled berms, and tacky hero dirt- currently free of brake bumps, as they are so new. We spun lap after lap exploring this new expansion.

Smitty’s Steeps: This trail was a hands-down favorite, for every rider in our crew. Picture a steep, smooth loam trail that has been ridden in repeatedly year after year. It is consistent, fast, smooth, and playful. Kick the back end out as much as you want; freeride flicks are mandatory when ripping this amazing ribbon of dirt. Watch for side hits and alternate lines in your peripheral and ride this one again and again for best results.

Steam Shovel: Looking for large jumps? Yep, so am I: better drop into Steam Shovel. This high speed, jumpy roller coaster is overflowing with steezy jumps of all shapes and sizes, just begging to be ridden as fast as you want. Feel like pulling off a lip? It all goes, no problem: simply add more speed for additional fun and hangtime. Keep an eye out for a few massive step-ups lurking around some corners- these steep dirt treats are truly special, sure to entertain any jumper.

Flow Zone: Near the bottom of Sunburst Express, you’ll find the Flow Zone. This place is optimized for progression. We had a blast exploring multiple dual slalom lines, jump lines, drops, wood features, dirt features, and more. The Flow Zone provides easy access for hot laps, is spectator-friendly, and provides ample opportunity to elevate your riding skills at any ability.

Heffley Lake: After a long day of ripping hot laps from both chairlifts, treat yourself to a swim at nearby Heffley Lake. This clear and cool lake is about ten minutes down the access road. Pro tip: bring a paddleboard or kayak if you can, and cruise around all the small islands. The water is clear and deep; on calm days you can see way down into the depths.

All in all, we were blown away by Sun Peaks Bike Park. Their 20+ year commitment to mountain biking shines brightly in their trail construction and maintenance, expanded lift operations, bustling bike-centric base area village, and many more areas. These folks really cherish mountain biking, and their stellar reputation truly precedes them. For more information, visit

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