Revelstoke Bike Park

Revelstoke, British Columbia is a stand-along destination that I have wanted to visit for a long time. This sleepy mountain town is surrounded by endless mountains with some of the most legitimate vertical drop (at a ski resort) in North America. I like long runs, whether on skis or a mountain bike. Revy is in a bit of a temperate rainforest too, so the dirt stays primo for mountain biking. To add to these already impressive variables, Revy is a newer ski resort. Revelstoke Mountain Resort formally opened in 2007. While they have been serving up rowdy terrain and fresh powder every winter for over a decade, they just recently opened up their summer lift accessed bike park. One of their bike trails- named Fifty Six Twenty- drops an astonishing 5,620 vertical feet from top to bottom. We made Revy our home base for over a week, and we highly recommend all mountain bikers visit this riding utopia. Here are a few highlights of our trip:

Doomsday- Looking for large, manicured jumps? Doomsday serves up a smorgasbord of jumps, of all shapes and sizes. Step downs, step ups, tabletops, shark fins, rock bonks, berm shots, berms, and much more. Some of the hits are on the larger and more technical spectrum, so look before you leap.

Pipe Wrench- Pipe Wrench is full of steep chutes, rocks, roots, and technical singletrack. This trail drops underneath the gondola, and offers fantastic views of the surrounding river, valleys, and mountains as it crosses the famous ski run called Kill The Banker. Drop into this challenging ribbon if you are looking for some steep, loamy, techy action.

End Game- End Game is one of the more unique jump trails I have ridden. It seems like almost every berm ends in a shark fin, most of the trail snakes back on itself and likes to defy gravity, and fun features/optional lines are hidden around just about every corner. Keep your head on a swivel as you ride this trail: multiple bonus lines exist all over the place.

Dark Horse- while this trail isn’t currently open to the public, it is a very impressive jump line designed and built for local Casey Brown’s signature event. It’s worth taking a walk around these features just to see them. I can’t wait for this to open up for everyone to ride- as it looks large, dialed, and fun.

Centennial Park- Centennial Park is just about the perfect apres biking swim hangout spot. Cruise down from the resort after a long day of lift laps (a leisurely 10-minute drive), grab a few cold beverages and snacks on your way, and plop down on some rocks overlooking the Columbia River. The water is very cold here- beware. But, it refreshes like nothing else, and prepares you for more riding or an evening out on the town.

Boulder Mountain- This is the local shuttle spot. A team of dedicated, paid trail builders maintain these trails, which are free for public use. Some highlights include Boondocker, Gravy Bacon, and Bike Club. These tracks are all immaculately maintained, loaded with features, and easy to access. Must hit.

Overall, Revelstoke is 100% worth an extended visit. The bike park delivers endless fun, the town abounds with stellar dining and nightly entertainment, and the area is simply stunning. Fore more information, visit

Dialed walls 🙂

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